Welcome to Conscious Lifeworks

Conscious Lifeworks is founded by Esen Sekerkarar addressing all who know that change is here and want to take conscious steps towards it.

We are aware that there is a reason to human existence and we believe we are here to cherish our lives along the journey of our spirit by cultivating the human values such as kindness, compassion, giving, sharing, caring and peace in our lives daily and constantly.

Through this journey, the goal of Conscious Lifeworks is to serve as a facilitator for tools that would help us towards an enlightened human evolution. For this purpose, we organise workshops, talks, retreat trips and conferences, and make informative interviews with world’s leading teachers where they share their own tools for a conscious living.

You can check out our upcoming events at the following links:

Mindfulness Courses

Talks & Conferences

Esen’s teaching and conference engagements

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