About Conscious Lifeworks

Our Perspective:

We all have been talking about change and awakening for years. Books, articles, films, documentaries and teachers have inspired and guided us towards it.

Conscious Lifeworks shares the same vision of Eckhart Tolle when he said “The world can only change from within” and understands that what it takes is to “Be the change you want to see in the world” as Gandhi describes it.

Therefore we want to contribute to this change and awakening by pointing at the wisdom that is already in us all.

Our Works:

• We organise meditation, stress-management and other self-development workshops and courses where we either have our teachers or guest instructors leading the class. These courses are held for groups and for companies as well.

• We organise talks and conferences to which worldwide names attend.

• We also organise retreat trips to Turkey where attendees can intensely practice meditation and experience a journey within, and also discover the ancient sites and the natural beauties in the district.

• Videos of our interviews with well-known names in the field are free to access and share with everyone.

• You can also follow and share the inspirational quotes published on our Facebook page.

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